Accessible shower

tile surround

An accessible shower provides an individual with the freedom to be more self-sufficient. These showers also come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Now, keep in mind that accessible showers and ADA compliant showers are different. ADA compliant showers have to meet a certain criteria in order to pass the standards required. These standards, however, are often difficult to achieve without major changes to a bathroom layout. Accessible shower, on the contrary, can often be installed in the same foot print as the original unit. The key is to provide a low threshold to allow easy access into the enclosure.

As you can see, the curb of the shower is approximately 3/4″ tall and rounded, allowing rollers to glide over it easily. Once you decide which base is right for you, it is time to figure out the surround materials and other fixtures to customize the shower to your liking.

Our client selected a beautiful tile for their surround to complement their existing flooring. This allowed them to conserve cost by not having to replace it all. They decided that a shower door did not fit their style, so we installed a glass partition to provide the finished look. The shower turned out perfectly and sufficiently met all of our clients needs.

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