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Kitchen remodeling earns an unfair reputation of being a drawn out and tedious process. While these kind of projects do not happen overnight, steps can be taken to make the project run smoothly. Our years of experience are applied to your personal project to ensure that your dreams come to reality. We work hand in hand with some of the best designers in our area to accomplish this. While some contractors push their thoughts on you, we relish the opportunity to hear your ideas and work together to reach the goal – an amazing kitchen!! Let A+ Home Improvements bring your kitchen back to life!

backsplash with floating shelves

Backsplash with floating shelves

Welcome back to another project with A+ Home Improvements! We would say our year is starting to ramp up, but in reality it never slowed down. Our next project entailed a new backsplash with floating shelves. Kitchens remain one of the most utilized rooms in your home. While cabinets and

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Custom kitchen

Custom kitchen

Happy New Year!! Over here at A+ Home Improvements, we worked with a client on their custom kitchen renovation. Our client owned a beautiful, large historical home that had incurred multiple changes throughout its lifespan. While the home offered extremely cool characteristics, it wasn’t the most level thing in the

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gray and white kitchen

Gray and white kitchen

Hey guys!! We hope you have been enjoying the season. We at A+ Home Improvements continue to tackle projects for our loyal clients, and this next one was no different. While we have since completed a number of projects for these homeowners, the first one up was the kitchen. Take

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Beautiful kitchen!!

Beautiful Kitchen!!

Here we go again! Our next project tasked us with turning this kitchen from drab to FAB! Renovations help turn a house into a home, and this project did not disappoint. Our client actually remodeled some of their home themselves, but wanted to have the kitchen completed professionally. We accepted

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Gorgeous kitchen

Gorgeous kitchen!!!

We love completing all kinds of projects, but sometimes you come across one that just seems to stand out a little extra. This gorgeous kitchen renovation definitely fit the bill! Our client had an idea of what they wanted, but needed a little direction completing the concept. Large soffits surrounded

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a blue kitchen

A blue kitchen

A kitchen provides the perfect canvas on which to show your personal style. Your space contains multiple variables that can be altered and tweaked to showcase your creative vision. Do you want bright, vivid colors? Would you rather portray a modern, sophisticated look? Do you desire a blue kitchen? How

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