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While the exterior of your home provides the all-important first impression, the interior of your home is where the most memories are made. Transform the inside of your home to represent the unique you. New flooring here, a splash of color there – the possibilities are endless!

gorgeous master bathroom

Gorgeous Master Bathroom!

Here we go again! A+ Home Improvements’ is tackling another gorgeous master bathroom!! This project presented a unique situation: the home was only a few years old, but the new homeowners hated the builder grade products that were installed in the master bathroom. After a long day of work and

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refresh a half bath

Refresh a Half Bath

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! We have been blessed with great clients to work with, and our next home owner was no different. We had already installed a new pergola and renovated a full bathroom for them, but this time they desired to refresh a

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Replace a tub with a shower

Replace a Tub with a Shower

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! While we love tackling large, complex projects, sometimes a small change makes a huge difference. Our client wanted to replace a tub with a shower. The existing tub enclosure needed some serious help. One obstacle for the project was the window. In

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master bathroom suite

Master Bathroom Suite

Hey everybody, welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! We love all of our renovations, but some stand out a little more than others. Our next client’s master bathroom offered a large space, but it was not conducive to our client’s lifestyle. A large, unused corner tub separated two

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Open a Small Kitchen

Open a Small Kitchen

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! Our client’s kitchen served the purpose, but consisted of a small space. All of the necessities were present, but the work zone left much to be desired – they wanted to open a small kitchen. Our client wanted to demo a portion

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Beverage station

Beverage Station

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! While not large, our next endeavor turned out awesome! We completed numerous renovations for this client over the years, and this time around they wanted a beverage station. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Our client already had a firm idea of what they

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