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While the exterior of your home provides the all-important first impression, the interior of your home is where the most memories are made. Transform the inside of your home to represent the unique you. New flooring here, a splash of color there – the possibilities are endless!

Modern earth-tone bathroom

Welcome back, everybody! A+ Home Improvements is ready to show off their latest project. When you hear someone say “modern”, numerous images flood your mind. An extremely popular option right now remains the gray, black and white color palette. Although this theme has been running strong for a few years

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change the tub to a customer tiled shower

Change the tub to a custom tiled shower

A+ Home Improvements tackled another awesome project recently. This time we helped a client renovate a uniquely shaped space in their master bathroom. The bathroom lacked storage space and featured an old jetted tub that needed to go. To accommodate a larger shower space, our client desired to change the

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common bath update

Common Bath Update

Hey everybody! A+ Home Improvements is tackling another project. This time around, we helped a client breathe life back into a majorly dated bathroom. They desired to get rid of the old thick tile wainscot and floor, along with updating their tub and fixtures throughout the space. We worked diligently

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patterned tile floor

Patterned Tile Floor

Hello everybody – A+ Home Improvements is back at work! This time around, we want to show you a cool patterned tile floor that we recently installed. We remodeled our client’s entire bathroom, but the flooring stood out at the end. When it came to the tub enclosure, they desired

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master bathroom upgrade

Master bathroom upgrade

Hey everybody! A+ Home Improvements is back at it again. This time around we are helping breathe new life into an old, dated bathroom. While the space was still functional, our client desired to make some changes to provide a master bathroom upgrade. The old jetted tub needed to go,

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Quick shower update

Hey everybody! A+ Home Improvements is tackling another project. Our next client didn’t desire a whole bathroom renovation – they simply needed a quick shower update. The old tub enclosure showed signs of deterioration, so we needed to install a clean, new shower. You will notice the tile wainscot in

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