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While the exterior of your home provides the all-important first impression, the interior of your home is where the most memories are made. Transform the inside of your home to represent the unique you. New flooring here, a splash of color there – the possibilities are endless!

basement ceiling

Basement Ceiling

Basements are often an under-utilized room in the home. We see a wide array of basements ranging from dark and damp to finished and glam. A quick way to change the look of your basement is to finish your basement ceiling. Options vary from painted, drop ceiling, drywall and staple

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Remove a wall

A simple way to change the look of any room is to remove a wall. Now, that may make it sound easy, but that is not always the case. It is important to investigate whether or not your wall is load bearing. While a load bearing wall can still typically

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A fireplace provides a great centerpiece to a den or family room, but how do you add one to a space that has nothing currently? Our client faced this very dilemma when they contacted us, and we worked together to turn their dream into a reality. This client had a

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staircase storage

Staircase storage

Making use of dead space provides storage solutions. Staircase storage remains an innovative way to gain closet space by utilizing an area that is often forgotten about. Not all projects have to be large to create a big difference. When we started this project, the underside of this staircase provided

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basement renovation

Basement renovation

A basement renovation makes a huge difference. Don’t get me wrong, many people like to have an open basement for storage, working out, etc. Many clients, however, want a finished place to entertain and hang with the family. This basement was just 4 walls when we started – what a

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Brick Accent Wall


When someone thinks of an accent wall, paint typically comes to mine. While painting an accent wall in a room makes a cosmetic difference, accent walls do not have to be limited to painting. This client wanted the look of brick to be incorporated into their eat in dining room.

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