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While the exterior of your home provides the all-important first impression, the interior of your home is where the most memories are made. Transform the inside of your home to represent the unique you. New flooring here, a splash of color there – the possibilities are endless!

quartz tops with a tiled splash

Quartz Tops with a Tiled Splash

Welcome back to another project presented by A+ Home Improvements! We all know that home renovations come in all shapes and sizes. While large renovations are often needed, smaller changes make a huge difference as well. Our next client desired to install new quartz tops with a tiled splash. Many

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old bathroom transformed

Old Bathroom Transformed!

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! This week, our newest client wanted to see an old bathroom transformed. To kick things off, let’s show you this pre 1950’s bathroom to give you an idea why the client wanted to see their bathroom renovated: This bathroom screams dated! It

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Basement Living Space

A+ Home Improvements is back tackling another project! Our next project entailed a basement living space for a client that we completed other projects for in the past. We love meeting new clients, but get a sense of satisfaction when homeowners invite us back into their homes for a repeat

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Full master bathroom renovation

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! While we enjoy a myriad of different project types, custom bathroom renovations remain high on our list. Our next client provided us with the challenge of a full master bathroom renovation. They already had a pretty good idea of the concept they

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kitchen with a beverage center

Kitchen with a beverage center

Welcome back! Last week we showed off a simple, yet stylish, tub renovation. This time around, we had the pleasure of renovating a kitchen for the same client! The existing kitchen was installed with the previous homeowner’s ideas in mind, and now it was time to bring it up to

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quick tub replacement

Quick tub replacement

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement project! This time around, we wanted to show off a quick tub replacement. Bathrooms consist of many different fixtures and features, but the tub or shower typically remains the focal point. Our client’s bathroom was perfectly functional, but they wanted to update the

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