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While the exterior of your home provides the all-important first impression, the interior of your home is where the most memories are made. Transform the inside of your home to represent the unique you. New flooring here, a splash of color there – the possibilities are endless!

replace a tub with a tiled shower

Replace a tub with a tiled shower

Hey guys, A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! Our clients lived in a beautiful home, but the bathroom left much to be desired. While functional, the bathroom did not service our client’s needs. The main goal was to replace a tub with a tiled shower, but that wasn’t

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Hexagon Tiled Shower

Hey everybody, A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! For our next project, we tackled an extremely outdated tub enclosure and turned it into a hexagon tiled shower. Set in the 50’s-60’s, our clients bathroom desperately needed to be updated. They desired to remove the stained cast tub and

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Nail Spa Renovation

Alright everybody, get ready for a cool project!! We had the pleasure of renovating the Jonathon Koi Nail Spa over on Central Ave, and the transformation was AWESOME! While the old space was nice, the owners wanted to breathe some new, fresh life into the salon with a nail spa

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master bathroom transformation

Master Bathroom Transformation

Hey everybody!! A+ Home Improvements keeps working away, and we wanted to share another one of our projects with you. A bathroom doesn’t have to be a wreck in order to renovate it. We have numerous clients that simply desire to turn their bathroom into something they enjoy. Oftentimes new

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classic tiled surround

Classic tiled surround

Hey everybody, we are back at it again this week! Home owners update their homes for a myriad of different reasons. Some homes need renovations because they are dilapidated and non-functional. Other renovations, however, stem from our client’s simply wanting to showcase their personal style and flair. In this instance,

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gray and white bathroom

Gray and White Bathroom

Hey guys! Last week we walked you through an amazing kitchen transformation. The gray themed kitchen project turned out perfectly, and this next project was no different. This beautiful gray and white bathroom provided the perfect space to fit our client’s needs. For this master bathroom transformation, a dazzling new

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