Their bathroom needed help!

their bathroom needed help

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! Every project that we tackle comes with a set of circumstances surrounding it. Sometimes the client knows exactly what they want. Other times, the client requires much needed direction to get to their vision. In this instance, our client knew what they wanted, but the initial try fell short. When we showed up, someone had already tried to install the tub and there were a myriad of problems. They tried to use a drop in tub in an alcove situation. The linear niche lacked proper framing, the installer used improper materials – their bathroom needed help! To give them credit, they knew when to throw in the towel and get the project back on track. Let’s take a look at what we walked into:

We worked with the client to select the correct products to get this bathroom back in working order. They selected a clean, sleek soaker tub that perfectly fit their needs. For the surround, they opted for a larger format gray tile that paired beautifully with an accent tile at the rear of the niche. Upon completion, the tub enclosure looked like an entirely different space! Our clients were thrilled with the results, and were also relieved to have the job completed professionally.

Their bathroom needed help!

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