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One of the most common projects undertaken in anyone’s home revolves around the bathroom. When the topic of a dated bathroom comes up in conversation, everyone has their own vivid picture that comes to mind. Dated pink, blue and tan tiles are an extremely common theme of an outdated bathroom. When paired with a fading cast tub and hideous wallpaper, these features leave a bathroom crying for help. A+ Home Improvements relishes these opportunities to provide our clients with the bathroom of their dreams!! While renovations such as this come in all sizes, we aim to fit your budget and style!

gorgeous master bathroom

Gorgeous Master Bathroom!

Here we go again! A+ Home Improvements’ is tackling another gorgeous master bathroom!! This project presented a unique situation: the home was only a few years old, but the new homeowners hated the builder grade products that were installed in the master bathroom. After a long day of work and

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refresh a half bath

Refresh a Half Bath

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! We have been blessed with great clients to work with, and our next home owner was no different. We had already installed a new pergola and renovated a full bathroom for them, but this time they desired to refresh a

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Replace a tub with a shower

Replace a Tub with a Shower

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! While we love tackling large, complex projects, sometimes a small change makes a huge difference. Our client wanted to replace a tub with a shower. The existing tub enclosure needed some serious help. One obstacle for the project was the window. In

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master bathroom suite

Master Bathroom Suite

Hey everybody, welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! We love all of our renovations, but some stand out a little more than others. Our next client’s master bathroom offered a large space, but it was not conducive to our client’s lifestyle. A large, unused corner tub separated two

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customer tiled shower

Custom Tiled Shower

Welcome back to anther A+ Home Improvements’ project! We are gearing up for the holiday season, and client’s are scrambling to tackle their projects before guests arrive. Our next project entailed converting a master bathroom into an oasis for our clients to enjoy. The focal point of this bathroom, however,

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Large Shower and Free-Standing Tub

Large Shower and Free-Standing Tub

A+ Home Improvements is knocking out another project! This time around, we tackled a master bathroom that needed a proper update. The bathroom already consisted of a Roman tub and a shower, but the execution left much to be desired. Our client desired a large shower and a free-standing tub.

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