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One of the most common projects undertaken in anyone’s home revolves around the bathroom. When the topic of a dated bathroom comes up in conversation, everyone has their own vivid picture that comes to mind. Dated pink, blue and tan tiles are an extremely common theme of an outdated bathroom. When paired with a fading cast tub and hideous wallpaper, these features leave a bathroom crying for help. A+ Home Improvements relishes these opportunities to provide our clients with the bathroom of their dreams!! While renovations such as this come in all sizes, we aim to fit your budget and style!

old bathroom transformed

Old Bathroom Transformed!

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! This week, our newest client wanted to see an old bathroom transformed. To kick things off, let’s show you this pre 1950’s bathroom to give you an idea why the client wanted to see their bathroom renovated: This bathroom screams dated! It

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Full master bathroom renovation

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! While we enjoy a myriad of different project types, custom bathroom renovations remain high on our list. Our next client provided us with the challenge of a full master bathroom renovation. They already had a pretty good idea of the concept they

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quick tub replacement

Quick tub replacement

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement project! This time around, we wanted to show off a quick tub replacement. Bathrooms consist of many different fixtures and features, but the tub or shower typically remains the focal point. Our client’s bathroom was perfectly functional, but they wanted to update the

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huge custom tiled shower

Huge Custom Tiled Shower!

This week we have the privilege of sharing one of our latest bathroom projects! When we met with this client, they had an idea of what they wanted but didn’t know how to situate the space to meet their exact needs. The existing master bathroom consisted of a dated roman

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tub to shower transformation

Tub to shower transformation

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement project, everybody! This time around, our client needed a tub to shower transformation. While their existing bathroom space was perfectly  functional, it did not cater to their everyday needs. Creating an easy to access bathroom space provides peace of mind for clients in

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Quick bathroom update

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! Bathroom renovations range all over the map from large to small. Home owners often love to create luxurious master bathrooms to provide the perfect area to unwind after a long day. However, not all bathrooms need this level of detail. What about

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