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One of the most common projects undertaken in anyone’s home revolves around the bathroom. When the topic of a dated bathroom comes up in conversation, everyone has their own vivid picture that comes to mind. Dated pink, blue and tan tiles are an extremely common theme of an outdated bathroom. When paired with a fading cast tub and hideous wallpaper, these features leave a bathroom crying for help. A+ Home Improvements relishes these opportunities to provide our clients with the bathroom of their dreams!! While renovations such as this come in all sizes, we aim to fit your budget and style!

Custom subway tile shower and floor

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! We keep diligently knocking out projects for our clients, and we loved our latest one. Mention an old bathroom, and one’s mind conjures pictures of thick tile and cast tubs. Anyone who has lived in an older home knows this bathroom style

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flexstone shower enclosure

Flexstone shower enclosure

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again. Our next project involved updating a bathroom for our client. This renovation had a special theme behind it – it needed to be updated for their little girl. Our client chose to install a Flexstone shower enclosure with colors that their kiddo

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handicap accessible shower

Handicap accessible shower

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! We enjoy all of the projects that we have the privilege of completing for our clients. We also understand that every project we tackle improves our client’s quality of life in one form or another. However, some projects just seem to take

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subway tile shower with a bench

Subway tile shower with a bench

Hello from all of us over at A+ Home Improvements! We are ready to show you our next project – installing a subway tile shower with a bench. Tile designs and styles vary greatly, but something about subway tile seems timeless. Our client’s bathroom contained a large tub that was

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Modern earth-tone bathroom

Welcome back, everybody! A+ Home Improvements is ready to show off their latest project. When you hear someone say “modern”, numerous images flood your mind. An extremely popular option right now remains the gray, black and white color palette. Although this theme has been running strong for a few years

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change the tub to a customer tiled shower

Change the tub to a custom tiled shower

A+ Home Improvements tackled another awesome project recently. This time we helped a client renovate a uniquely shaped space in their master bathroom. The bathroom lacked storage space and featured an old jetted tub that needed to go. To accommodate a larger shower space, our client desired to change the

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