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First impressions mean everything, which means a home’s exterior says a lot. When you pull up to your home, what comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of pride due to nice flower beds and beautiful features?

front porch repair

Front Porch Repair

A+ Home Improvements just helped our latest client with a front porch repair. After years of neglect, this porch showed its age. At some point, someone replaced the floor of the porch with plywood. Through years of wear and tear, the porch began to show signs of deterioration. To compound

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Clients Becoming Victims of Bad Contractors

Clients Becoming Victims of Bad Contractors

Happy New Year! A+ Home Improvements has been blessed over the past year to work with some truly amazing clients. We sincerely appreciate knowing that our community trusts and supports us! Today we are going to cover an issue that is growing – clients becoming victims of bad contractors. Pretty

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two level deck


Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements’ project! With old man winter right around the corner, many homeowners are wrapping up exterior projects around the home. Our next client was no different – they wanted a two level deck rebuilt. After inspecting the existing condition, we decided that it needed to

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stamped patio and steps

Stamped patio and steps

Old man winter is around the corner, but we are still wrapping up some exterior projects. With the season coming to an end, now is the time to start planning for next spring’s projects. We love the look of a stamped patio and steps, and our next client needed exactly

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paint metal siding

Paint Metal Siding

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! While a large majority of our projects focus on the interior of a home, this time around we needed to paint metal siding. Client’s often request to replace their metal siding with vinyl. While this is perfectly fine, the existing siding can

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stamped patio with a pergola

Stamped Patio with a Pergola

Summer fun continues to roll on! Our client’s have been tackling outdoor projects left and right to add versatility to their back yards. This next client desired to upgrade their space by installing a stamped patio with a pergola. Stamped concrete patios come in all shapes and sizes. We met

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