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First impressions mean everything, which means a home’s exterior says a lot. When you pull up to your home, what comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of pride due to nice flower beds and beautiful features?

refurbishing a deck

Refurbishing a deck

Hey everybody, A+ Home Improvements is ready to tackle our next project! Last week we showed off a beautiful kitchen back splash. Well, that client was not done with their renovation to-do list. To knock another item off of their list, our client also allowed us to work with them

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concrete porch cap

Concrete Porch Cap

Welcome back, everybody! With spring peaking around the corner, start getting your to-do list put together for your spring projects. We all have those projects that we just ran out of time to tackle last year. Instead of letting it hang over your head, get in line to get it

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Deck staining

Deck staining

While we may be in the middle of winter, it is hard not to get excited about the spring to come. Growing grass, blooming flowers – spring just feels like a completely fresh start. Additionally, this often means a fresh start for your home projects as well. Everyone gets, and

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quick vinyl siding repair

Quick vinyl siding repair

Hello everybody! We typically post pictures of large projects that showcase grand transformations. Well, we all know that homes sometimes need smaller projects repaired as well. In this instance, a quick vinyl siding repair was exactly what was needed. Our next client simply had a garage with aluminum siding on

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concrete patio

Concrete patio

Hello, everybody! This time around, we wanted to show you our latest concrete patio project. Our client desired a practical space to enjoy get togethers with family and friends. A concrete patio can come in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors. We can create nearly any style, color or

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driveway with drain

Driveway with a Drain

Hey everybody! Welcome to the next project here at A+ Home Improvements!! When we pulled up to this property to take a look at the project, the issue quickly became very apparent. Our client’s driveway desperately needed some attention. Most of us have been there – a cracked out, bumpy

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