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First impressions mean everything, which means a home’s exterior says a lot. When you pull up to your home, what comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of pride due to nice flower beds and beautiful features?

concrete porch

Concrete porch

Does this picture look familiar? We have all seen a front porch cap that has outlived its days. While the project appears straight forward, hiring the wrong company to repair it could lead to future problems. Our client contacted us for the repair, and we went to work on the

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Gray composite deck

Our client desired a composite deck that would take over the general footprint of the concrete patio in their rear yard. We needed the deck to be level with the rear entry door to help with her husbands ability to access the rear yard. After going over some options, we

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Kitchen and Deck

Some clients choose to tackle multiple projects at one time. Approaching projects this way can limit the number of times that your house has to be in disarray during renovations. Our client wanted to renovate their kitchen and deck. Situated on a beautiful plot of land in the county, a

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Some projects that we complete for clients are a little outside of the box. Our client had a loved one with mobility issues. We were contacted to provide a quote for a handicap accessible ramp, but it was not your typical installation. A ramp to the front door had already

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Sun room

Sun rooms provide a perfect space to relax, drink your coffee and read the latest news. A sun room also provides a great entertaining space for card games or just leisurely lounging around after a long day. Our client already had a sun room, but it was extremely outdated. The

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Clearing brush

Yard chores often seem never ending. Even though you spend the weekend cleaning flower beds and raking leaves, it feels like you are not even making a dent. Clearing brush is tedious and time consuming. Want to get your spring time back? A+ Equipment Services and Excavating services your property

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