Vinyl Siding on a Garage

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvements project! This time around, we are installing vinyl siding on a garage. This particular client contacted us regarding issues they were having with the wood siding rotting on their garage. We set up a time to stop and take a look at the project, and found more than we had bargained for. While onsite, we noticed that there had been not only a roof leaking for some time, but also the fascia/soffit had deteriorated and allowed water into the structure. The results were rotten sheathing and framing at the garage’s rear wall. Once we pointed out the issues to our client, we worked up a quote to get it buttoned up.

Aside from wanting the garage to be structurally sound, our client also wanted to match the color of the house as closely as possible. Luckily, we were able to locate a perfect red color to compliment the housing structure. The supports holding up the steel I-beams on this garage were shot and needed to be shored up. We deleted an obsolete window and framed in the opening as well. House wrap was applied at the new sheathing, and we installed the exact red siding color that our client desired. We do not like to be a “doomsday” company, but this garage structure only had a little life left before it would have started collapsing. Our client caught the issues in time, and we were able to restore the garage back to a safe condition. Do you need vinyl siding on a garage? Give us a call about your project today!


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