Quick vinyl siding repair

quick vinyl siding repair

Hello everybody! We typically post pictures of large projects that showcase grand transformations. Well, we all know that homes sometimes need smaller projects repaired as well. In this instance, a quick vinyl siding repair was exactly what was needed. Our next client simply had a garage with aluminum siding on the front gable that kept falling off. We sent a technician out to diagnose the problem, and we found the siding pulling away from nothing more than fiber board. Since aluminum siding presents issues when being removed and reinstalled, so we opted to replace it with a similar color vinyl siding that would stand the test of time. After receiving our siding order, we placed our client on the schedule. First, we replaced the fiber board with osb sheathing. Once we installed the house wrap, we could begin installing the new siding.

The finished repair worked perfectly. While not a dramatic transformation, this repair provided exactly what the garage needed. We wrapped the fascia and overhead door trim with metal to provide the finished look. With the siding now installed, out client can go about their business without having to worry about more siding blowing off. What project do you need tackled around your home? Give us a call to go over your project list today!

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