Straighten garage walls

straighten garage walls

Welcome back! If you follow our project posts, you can see the clear pattern showing our love of providing custom bathroom and kitchen installations. With that said, A+ Home Improvements provides numerous services to quickly tackle any need you have around the home. Our next client desired to tackle a project that had been plaguing them for a while. A garage provides a place to park vehicles and store a multitude of personal belongings. Most home owners don’t pay much attention to this space until an issue pops up. Our client noticed that the exterior wall of the garage started to shift over the years, and the time had arrived to straighten garage walls.

This garage is decades old, and it has started to show its years. To compound the issue, someone along the line had poured a top layer concrete against the shifted wall. We cut out the bottom portion of the wall and cut back the concrete. Once removed, we framed new studs and installed new sheathing. We reinstalled the existing siding and buttoned everything back up.

While not a sexy project, the final results provided exactly what our client needed. We would love to help out with your next project – give A+ Home improvements a call to get started today!


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