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First impressions mean everything, which means a home’s exterior says a lot. When you pull up to your home, what comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of pride due to nice flower beds and beautiful features?

sagging deck

Sagging Deck

Spring is around the corner, and your deck will soon be a gathering hot spot! People overlook their deck for large parts of the year because they typically are not used year round. So what happens when you walk out and realize that your deck is in disarray? Treated lumber

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concrete patios

Concrete Projects

It is that time of year again- time to spruce up the exterior of your home! Spring projects set the tone for a fantastic summer. Many of us have dreams of an outside space for lounging and entertaining. Unfortunately, we often dread the work that goes into creating these spaces.

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An important aspect of your home that often goes unnoticed is your driveway. While typically used on a daily basis, it is still often overlooked. However, a broken, cracked out driveway grabs your attention every time you hit a pothole or twist your ankle trying to carry in groceries. A

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Deck rebuilt

Home owners have back yards that range greatly in size and style. Regardless of what your yard looks like, betting odds say that it contains a deck or patio. Decks, if constructed properly, provide years of enjoyment. However, they eventually begin to show their age and become in need of

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concrete work

Concrete work

Almost every house in America has exterior concrete features. Whether you have a sidewalk, patio or driveway, your concrete is something that typically gets ignored. However, damaged and broken concrete can definitely be an eyesore. Our client’s sidewalk leading the rear yard needed help. Years of use and abuse had

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One of the last things on a home owner’s mind is their roof. That is, unless it begins to let water in where it should be! A new roof adds to the safety and quality of your home. It may not provide you with the immediate gratification that a bathroom

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