Paint Metal Siding

paint metal siding

Welcome back to another A+ Home Improvement’s project! While a large majority of our projects focus on the interior of a home, this time around we needed to paint metal siding. Client’s often request to replace their metal siding with vinyl. While this is perfectly fine, the existing siding can often be painted with spectacular results. Proper prep work stands alone as the major difference between a bad painting job and a fantastic painting job. Metal siding oxidizes and needs to be completely washed prior to painting. Sealing around windows and openings also contributes to a great result. Our next client wanted to add their own personal touch to there home, and selected a beautiful shade of blue to convert the look of their home. Let’s take a look at what we started with:

Proper prep separates a great company from the fly-by-night operations. Anyone can throw lipstick on your home, but only a quality job will stand the test of time. Our crew thoroughly cleaned and prepped the house for paint, providing the perfect canvas to display wonderful results:

Our client loved the final result! Do you need some help with the exterior of your home? We can help you paint metal siding – give us a call to get your project started today. We look forward to working with you!

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