Painting your kitchen cabinets

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Don’t want to tear your kitchen apart? Painting your kitchen cabinets remains a great way to update the entire look of your kitchen. We find that many of our clients actually like the layout of their kitchen, but find the color to be appalling. A little lipstick makes a big difference. Add in new counter tops, and your kitchen takes on a whole new look.

You may recognize the dated look of the old wood cabinets. It just makes the room look dark and dirty! These pictures show before the new counter tops went in, but you already see the drastic change. Our client opted to paint the cabinets white, and talk about a huge difference! We installed new pulls and knobs to finish off the look. Once the new tops were installed, the kitchen looked as if had undergone a complete renovation.

While many people believe that painting cabinets should be cheap, it is seldom the case. A fantastic paint job means just that – fantastic prep and fantastic application from fantastic installers. Slapping paint on a cabinet is not the same as doing it the right way. Careful consideration goes into paint choice and application. While paint cabinets costs money, the cost still pales in comparison to replacing the cabinets.

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