Clients Becoming Victims of Bad Contractors

Clients Becoming Victims of Bad Contractors

Happy New Year! A+ Home Improvements has been blessed over the past year to work with some truly amazing clients. We sincerely appreciate knowing that our community trusts and supports us! Today we are going to cover an issue that is growing – clients becoming victims of bad contractors. Pretty much all of us have a friend or family member that has been scammed. Sure, many bad contractors talk a good game. Unfortunately, trusting the wrong contractors creates terrifying results. Our next client hired a slick-talking contractor to repair a  badly deteriorating siding on a chimney enclosure. They gave the guy a deposit, and he never showed up to do the work. Here is a look at what we were up against:

It is obvious that the siding on this enclosure is beyond simply repairing. What made matters worse? This home owner recently underwent surgery and couldn’t go outside to speak with contractors. They literally had to rely on someone to let them know the issue, and provide a quote to remedy the problem. In a moment of candidness, our client let us know that they went with a contractor that presented themselves well, and offered a cost effective solution. They neglected, however, to research the company to help avoid pitfalls. We stepped in and provided a comprehensive quote to correct the problem properly. Due to walking limitations, we took pictures to help explain the route we had to take.

Clients Becoming Victims of Bad Contractors:

The final results completely satisfied the home owner. Unfortunately, our client lost money to a shifty individual. We are not the only reputable company in the area. Please, as a money paying homeowner, due your best to research and vet companies before inviting them to work on your home. While someone’s quote may be cheaper, you typically get what you pay for. We would be honored to show you what a reputable company can do for you – give us a call to get your project started today. We look forward to working with you!

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