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Hey everybody! A+ Home Improvements is back at it providing detailed renovations for our clients. With summer weather upon us, clients desire to update the exterior of their homes. Our next project entails tackling an elevated deck that passed its prime years ago. The previous home owners attempted to prolong its life by scabbing in siding and putting lipstick on it. Unfortunately, the deck lacked proper flashing, which caused rot on the home below it. Here is the culprit:

To make matters worse, the old home owners poured a concrete slab under the deck that was disintegrating terribly. We demolished the structure and hammered out the old concrete in preparation for our new elevated deck. We replaced rotten sheathing, install house wrap and repaired the siding accordingly. One obstacle on our way to a new deck was the new sidewalk that had been poured along the outer perimeter of the area. In a conscious effort to avoid disturbing it, we designed our deck to fit in the footprint with a set of steps leading to the existing concrete.


What a difference! The new space provided a perfect area for relaxing, while incorporating the lower concrete patio for entertaining. We thoroughly enjoyed this project, and hope the home owner enjoys years of use from it. Are you ready to tackle your project? Need a new deck? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today. We look forward to working with you!



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