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Kitchen remodeling earns an unfair reputation of being a drawn out and tedious process. While these kind of projects do not happen overnight, steps can be taken to make the project run smoothly. Our years of experience are applied to your personal project to ensure that your dreams come to reality. We work hand in hand with some of the best designers in our area to accomplish this. While some contractors push their thoughts on you, we relish the opportunity to hear your ideas and work together to reach the goal – an amazing kitchen!! Let A+ Home Improvements bring your kitchen back to life!

Bath and kitchen overhaul

Clients often tackle projects one at a time. However, there are times when a client wants to get everything over with in one shot to minimize the amount of time that their home is torn apart. In these situations, planning goes a long way towards the success of the projects.

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Enlarge a kitchen

Kitchens have become a central location in many homes in our modern day. Not enough space for cooking and family gatherings? Let’s enlarge your kitchen! Our client’s original kitchen already provided a good amount of space. However, the layout made the room feel choppy. A peninsula separated the eating area

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laminate counter tops

Laminate counter tops

Counter tops are often the first feature of a kitchen that is noticed. A wide range of option allows home owners to choose the exact look they are going for, and every option has its benefits and down falls. For clients looking for an upgrade without having to swallow the

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Clean White Kitchen

People have a myriad of choices when it comes to kitchen designs. A plethora of color options exists, as well as any number of styles and designs to go with them. Some clients, however, prefer a clean, white kitchen. Being able to pick any style of accent decor is one

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complete kitchen remodel

Complete kitchen renovation

A complete kitchen renovation allows you to bring your dreams to life from the ground up! Projects of this sort range greatly in detail and design, so they provide an awesome challenge to tackle hand in hand with our client. This project started as a kitchen renovation, but quickly escalated

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Kitchen makeover

While we always enjoy seeing the joy a kitchen makeover brings our client, sometimes it becomes a little extra special. We treat all clients equally in respects to the service we provide. However, we sometimes run into situations where the finished result is more than just a remodel. Our clients waited

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