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Kitchen remodeling earns an unfair reputation of being a drawn out and tedious process. While these kind of projects do not happen overnight, steps can be taken to make the project run smoothly. Our years of experience are applied to your personal project to ensure that your dreams come to reality. We work hand in hand with some of the best designers in our area to accomplish this. While some contractors push their thoughts on you, we relish the opportunity to hear your ideas and work together to reach the goal – an amazing kitchen!! Let A+ Home Improvements bring your kitchen back to life!

Kitchen Renovation

While a kitchen renovation alone provides a fresh new look, the change becomes more drastic when paired with a new floor. Our client hated her cabinets and the original layout. Having old, outdated floors added to her frustration. After meeting with us and our designers, we formulated the perfect plan

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face lift

Painting your kitchen cabinets

Don’t want to tear your kitchen apart? Painting your kitchen cabinets remains a great way to update the entire look of your kitchen. We find that many of our clients actually like the layout of their kitchen, but find the color to be appalling. A little lipstick makes a big

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Seldom do other rooms in your home provide a huge difference once remodeled when compared to your kitchen. Not only from a functionality stand point, but also from a cosmetic stand point as well. The changes range from drastic changes to simple little updates that make an extreme difference. Our client

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Kitchen remodel

Updating a Small Kitchen

Updating a small kitchen does not mean that you can not have a nice one. Let’s face it – sometimes a home doesn’t afford you the opportunity to install a large kitchen area without having to sink tons of money to move walls to accomplish the goal. With that said,

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kitchen redo

Kitchen Redo

A “kitchen redo” brings your home to life! Better yet, it infuses a much needed shot of joy into our client’s lives as well. This project started because of a leak from the dishwasher that went unnoticed for quite some time and once the leak was recognized, the damage had

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New kitchen

A new kitchen creates a huge difference in your home. It also holds it value and increases appeal in the event you decide to sell. This kitchen remodel close to the same layout, but definitely created an entirely new look.               Our client elected

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