Basement update

basement ceiling

A basement update often makes a big difference. It does not, however, have to be a large change. This client had an open basement with sump pump and furnace exposed. To avoid adding expense, they opted to just frame in the utilities and leave the foundation walls exposed. The louvered doors are required for a room containing the furnace and any other gas appliances. The small hatch door allowed our client to access storage area under the steps, therefore utilizing as much space as possible.

The real change came when the ceiling was painted. Painting basement ceilings black or white has become quite a popular choice. This method provides cost savings compared to a drop ceiling, while still providing an aesthetically pleasing look. Adding some can lighting on a dimmer switch afforded our client ample lighting while giving them the ability to control the lighting ambiance in the room. Not a huge basement update, but definitely a dramatic change in atmosphere! We aim to meet our client’s goals within our client’s budget. We knocked out the initial portion of the project, allowing the client to decide what next steps they may take. Let A+ Home Improvements make your basement work for your lifestyle.

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