Handicap Ramps

handicap ramps

Accessibility to your home is extremely important, and there are individuals that need assistance for this. Handicap ramps come in different sizes, styles and designs to custom suit your application. Some handicap ramps need to be a permanent structure, while some just need to serve their purpose of a finite period of time.

Our client needed a temporary structure to accommodate injuries sustained from a vehicle incident. This aluminum handicap ramp provided the perfect fit for their needs. When installing a ramp, be sure to check with local jurisdictions regarding the available options for construction and zoning. Every locality has their own bylaws that affect what types of structures can be built, and give guidelines to how they are built. A wood permanent ramp can be built in a way to create a stylish, yet functional, addition to your home. Whether you need a ramp, deck or pergola, give A + Home Improvements a call to start planning your project today!



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