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Welcome back! While we enjoy large renovations such as custom bathroom and kitchen projects, we equally look forward to helping our clients with other upgrades to their home. One of the most overlooked, albeit important, aspects of your home are windows. When old and drafty, they can cause a burden on your energy bills. They also pose potential headaches when they won’t stay open, or worse yet won’t even open to begin with! While not the sexiest of upgrades, replacing them provides a great facelift to your home’s exterior.

While installing windows is not rocket science, improper installation can create numerous issues. Everything starts with correct window measurements. When installing the windows, careful consideration should be given to insulating and sealing them properly.

Windows provide not only an aesthetic upgrade for your home, but also energy savings. Take caution to look into the options provided by the units before your purchase. What is the glass thickness? Do they include glass options such as Low E and argon gas? Do you need vinyl replacement, or do you need new construction with a nailing flange? Many options exist in the marketplace. Give A+ Home Improvements a call to go over your options today!

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Term and Same as Cash options available to help make your project more affordable. Call us for more information or to see how we can help make your projects a reality.

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