Shower replacement

When someone thinks about a bathroom project, they typically see large dollars signs. Granted, overhauling an entire bathroom costs money. But what if you only need a shower replacement? Many of you have seen a shower similar to the one in the pictures below. This old, failing shower was causing water damage because the tile pan had failed. This style of shower was custom made to fit this space. To help lower costs, we opened up the front of the enclosure so we could fit a standard size unit in the space.

The tiled shower enclosure butted up to a tile floor. We wanted to make sure that we saved the floor to help keep costs down. The enclosure also seemed cramped and dark, so we eliminated the wall at the front of the enclosure and also deleted the soffit area to open it up a bit. Our client opted to install a clean, easy-maintenance shower stall that suited their needs perfectly. We replaced the old exhaust fan to provide more light in the space as well.

Talk about a big difference! We were able to save the tile floor while providing our client with a much more usable space. Our client love it, and we were happy to help out!

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