White tiled shower

tiled shower

Tiled shower and tub surround come in a myriad of shapes, colors and sizes. While you can chose a wide variety of designs, a white tiled shower remains a classic look.

Our client wanted the look of white subway tile, but wanted to add their own touch. The textured tile that our client chose gave some character to the tub enclosure. See the black tile inlay at the top of the surround? This can be accomplished in many different colors and styles, and allows you to pull the other colors in the bathroom together. It also helps break up the solid white tiled shower appearance with your own personal flair. While the tile choice is important, fixtures are an important choice as well.

The style faucet chosen by this client incorporates a fixture known as a drop ell. Instead of some of the bulky handheld shower head splitters that are on the market, this fixtures allows for a sleek handheld unit to be attached to the wall of the surround. A separately diverter valve is then installed to direct the flow of water to the proper source. This arrangement provides a clean look to your shower enclosure.

Most of our clients come to us with an existing idea. Getting you to the end result you seek remains our goal. Many ways exists to update your bathroom, and you should leave no rock un-turned. Do a little homework to see what interests you. Installing tile in your shower surround provides you with the opportunity to express your inner designer. Ready to start your project? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today, and we will help bring your dream to life!!



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