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bathroom after pictures

This client needed a bathroom makeover. As you see from the pictures above, this bathroom needed a complete face lift. After meeting with our client, we went to work getting a bathroom concept in place that would work not only with her space, but also her budget. The flooring, tub enclosure and fixtures all needed to go! Once we put the project plan in place, our client met with our designer to get the ball rolling on product selection. Our designer and our client hit it off right out of the gate. Working together, they produced a game plan that worked perfectly.

Definitely a big difference! We eliminated the dark colors that caused the bathroom to seem small. Simple, yet beautiful tile surround created a major upgrade from the old surround. The white fixtures and light flooring created a warm, pleasant feel for the room. When planning a project, a large hurdle remains envisioning the project. Our client kept cost in mind, like most people, but achieved their goal to have a wonderful bathroom remodel completed within their range. Ready for your bathroom upgrade? Need a little direction and guidance? Give A+ a call to get your bathroom makeover started today. We work to fit your budget and your needs.

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