Bathroom Overhaul

Bathroom Overhaul

As you can see from these pictures, this bathroom was in desperate need of an overhaul! The built in tile shower felt constricted, the lighting was dismal and the old pink tile was awful. Our client didn’t necessarily want to move the fixture locations, just wanted everything updated. Thankfully we were able to go over some material and design ideas that met their needs. The results were AMAZING – just see for yourself!!

Bathroom Overhaul!! We took pictures from the exact same locations to paint a before and after picture that truly captures the changes. The bathroom looked much bigger once the renovation was complete. Opening the area over the shower made a huge difference. The pedestal sink slim-lined the congested look of the vanity. The lighting centered to the new windows was beautiful! The tile flooring the customer chose pulled everything together. In the end, this renovation allowed the bathroom to flow more freely, creating a clean, practical space for our clients.

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