Bathroom remodel with a free standing tub

Bathroom remodel with a free standing tub

A bathroom remodel can be quite involved depending on your desired results. Our client wanted a bathroom remodel with a free standing tub. This bathroom underwent a complete overhaul, and it was gorgeous!! Old wall paper, acrylic bath fixtures and dingy lighting once plagued this space. The old, jetted tub with brass fixtures once butted up to a brass/glass acrylic shower stall. These fixture had to go, so out with the old and in with the new!


The tile shower enclosure is stunning! The color choices made by our client allowed us to put together a work of art. Look at the tile accents in the shower and how they pulled together the other colors of the bathroom. The queen of the bathroom definitely has to be the free standing tub. The tile wainscot on the wall sets the space apart from the rest of the room and gives the feeling of seclusion in a wide open bathroom concept. The elegant lines in this space show extremely well. Look at the tower cabinet at the vanity – stunning! this space turned out beautifully, and even exceeded our client’s dreams. Do you need a bathroom remodel with a free standing tub? Give A+ a call to remodel your bathroom into your own dream space today!!

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