Beach area

beach area

Typically you travel out of state to get to a sunny beach area. A quiet spot to relax and soak up the sun. In our client’s scenario, the beach was in their back yard! The landscaping surround the beach area, however, caused the sand to wash away and created a mess. The client tasked us with installing a new retaining wall and making the space great again.

What an amazing view! Our client had sand installed to freshen up the actual beach area itself, and it looked like a whole new space. However, as with any project, there can be hiccups. With equipment coming in and out, we had to grade the soil in their back yard and reseed the lawn. Well, our client wanted the wall as low as possible to give a clean, sleek appearance. Unfortunately, mother nature decided to rain a couple of days after completion and eroded soil down onto the beach sand. Your know the saying: when it rains…. GRAB AN UMBRELLA AND GET TO WORK! We raised the level of the wall temporarily with metal landscape edging to allow the new grass seed to take root before it could all be washed away.

Our client worked with us perfectly to achieve the result that they were going for. We appreciated the opportunity to work with them, and hope they enjoy the beach for years to come!

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