Composite decking

Composite decking provides a fairly maintenance free surface to enjoy for years. While most of the decks that we frame for our clients are composed of traditional pressure treated lumber, some clients prefer to spend the extra money and have composite decking material installed. Now, keep in mind that a substantial gap exists between the two styles. With that said, make sure you get what you want. Our client had a smaller deck that she wanted to redo. The size of the deck allowed us to install it affordably, and she loved the finished result.

This deck needed some help for sure! While not a large deck, you can see how much use our client would be able to get out of it due to its location and layout. We went to work putting together the deck she wanted:

Our client loved the finished result, and could not wait to put it to use. When planning your deck project, keep in mind to consider your budget. While composite decks provide a nice upgrade to your back yard, the sticker price is substantially higher. Also, keep in mind that some of the lower grade composite decking materials can age badly, so make sure you check the products reviews. Give us a call to get your project started today!


Financing available for many projects

Term and Same as Cash options available to help make your project more affordable. Call us for more information or to see how we can help make your projects a reality.

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