Concrete Porch Cap

concrete porch cap

Welcome back, everybody! With spring peaking around the corner, start getting your to-do list put together for your spring projects. We all have those projects that we just ran out of time to tackle last year. Instead of letting it hang over your head, get in line to get it knocked out! This next project presents a perfect example of a project that was long overdue. Over the years, our client’s front porch slab had deteriorated and started to fall towards the home. Not only did it produce an eye sore, but it also acted as a funnel for water to run back toward the foundation. A few pillars stood in our way as obstacles as well. We educated our client on the steps needed to rectify the situation, and got ready to go to work. First up was installing a new foundation for our concrete porch cap.

Proper prep work provides the key element for a successful project. Shortcuts have no place on our job site. Once the foundation was set, we prepped for the concrete porch cap.

Nailed it! The finished product came out beautifully, and is now ready to take on the decades of use to follow. A project such as this doesn’t have the same flashy finish as a custom bathroom, but provides exactly what is needed for a sustainable home. We were thrilled to be a part of this project with our client. Give A+ Home Improvements a call to start tackling your spring list today!

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