Deck Repairs

Deck repairs come in all varieties, ranging from small to large. If constructed properly from the get-go, one can typically leave the framing in place and just update/upgrade the damaged portions. Our client’s deck had a coating put on it that had failed, and simply re-coating it was not an option. While the deck boards themselves needed to be replaced, the framing and handrails where perfectly fine. No reason to waste money replacing them.

Basically looks like a whole new deck, right? We replaced the deck boards at the lid and skirting of the deck, and replaced the benches and built in tables around the grill area. As previously mentioned, the handrails remained untouched. Working on a large deck like this can be a tedious job, but the results are well worth the effort. When you walk out the back door and see a dilapidated deck, it can feel depressing. Fast forward to the end of the project, and you can’t help but smile with pride while looking at your new space.

A+ Home Improvements can build a new deck for you from the ground up, which includes handling the permit process and material acquisition. We can also provide repair service if complete replacement is not needed. Give us a call to go over your options today!

Financing available for many projects

Term and Same as Cash options available to help make your project more affordable. Call us for more information or to see how we can help make your projects a reality.

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