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While we always enjoy seeing the joy a kitchen makeover brings our client, sometimes it becomes a little extra special. We treat all clients equally in respects to the service we provide. However, we sometimes run into situations where the finished result is more than just a remodel. Our clients waited for years to renovate their kitchen, and the joy that radiated from them during the selection process for their products was awesome. However, as we pulled together the final loose ends, sickness entered the equation. Undeterred, they pressed forward to obtain the kitchen they waited so long for.

The kitchen turned out exactly the way that they wanted it to. The colors worked together perfectly, and the layout worked just as planned. We respect our clients privacy. With that in mind, all we will say is that the medical situation made the completion of this project all the sweeter. This kitchen makeover fulfilled a long time dream for our clients, and we are humbled that we were allowed to bring that dream to fruition. Life may not always be smooth sailing, but we strive to make sure your project is.

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