Large renovation

large renovation

Tackling a large renovation provides a sense of accomplishment, but the planning leading up to it can be nerve racking. Our client’s project included creating two bathrooms out of one open room, and renovating 2 bedrooms complete with flooring. We removed the drywall at the walls and ceiling so we could not only install adequate insulation, but also update wiring to ensure no improper junctions were hidden in the walls. The pictures below show what we walked into.

Definitely left much to be desired!! After some conversation regarding what our client wanted to ultimately see, we went to the drawing board to come up with the best plan of action. Creating a comfortable master bathroom while still leaving adequate room for the common bath was the goal. The two bathrooms ended up laying out beautifully! The sub floor needed reinforced due to the originally installed thickness, and the wall paper had to go. Fast forward after a little elbow grease and expertise, and the end result was stunning. Tile flooring ran into both bathrooms. We installed a traditional bath tub and surround in the common bath, which worked out well. It also allowed a little extra to be spent on sprucing up the master bathroom with a wall in tile shower and gorgeous vanity.


What a difference! We are excited that the end result hit our customer’s desires, and enjoyed working hand in hand with our client to achieve the dream. Have a large renovation project of your own? Give us a call to get the ball rolling today!!

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