Man Cave Bathroom

Man Cave Bathroom

We have all heard of the expression “Man Cave”, right? A spot in your home where you can relax and temporarily escape from the rat race that we call life. A space where a guy can express himself and his sense of style/decorating. It is your space, so set it up to represent your tastes. What better way to upgrade your oasis that with a Man Cave Bathroom! In this bathroom, you don’t have to worry about leaving the toilet seat up, and making sure that the towels are folded perfectly. Our client already had a style in mind when we met him – we just helped polish the vision and then bring it to life. This is the room that we showed up to:

While our client was open to suggestions, one thing was a must – a custom tiled shower. We put our ideas together and a few measurements later, we had our game plan for the perfect Man Cave Bathroom! Getting the layout and framing right was the first step.

While we are not normally fans of soffits, our client wanted a rain shower. A soffit created the optimal place to install the rain shower. The bathroom was starting to take shape, but was far from the completed picture.

The BIG reveal!

Definitely a huge difference!! This bathroom screams Man Cave. The blue light up led exhaust fan with integrated blue tooth speaker adds a cool contrast. The mirror has an integrated led ring that lights up at the touch of a button. We install tile accents in the shower that really stand out and make the shower the focal point of the room. The result was exactly what our client desired, and he was awesome to work with as we made our way through the project.

Let’s design your Man Cave Bathroom and get you the space that you deserve. A+ Home Improvements looks forward to working with you to bring your dream to life!


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