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Let’s get started with our next renovation project – new LVT flooring! There are many different styles of flooring, ranging from tile and natural stone to laminates and LVT. What flooring suits your needs? LVT (luxury vinyl tile) has become a popular choice among home owners. Not only are most LVT options water proof, the cost of installation runs much lower than traditional tile or hardwood installation. We had just finished a master bathroom renovation for this client, but they decided they were not finished just yet. The first floor of the home had multiple different floor coverings: hardwood, carpet and sheet vinyl. Our client desired to have one continuous floor style installed throughout the first floor, along with new case and base mouldings to provide a modernized look. We settled on the perfect flooring color, and went to work with tear out and prep for the new flooring.

Let’s get started!

This house was very much lived in, as you can tell from the pictures. Not to be deterred, we helped maneuver around items during the project. One of the key qualities of LVT is it’s versatility. The rich wood look is perfect for kitchens and living rooms, while the water proof qualities present a perfect application for laundry rooms and bathroom spaces. It can also installed over existing adhered sheet vinyl. The majority of the first floor installation was continuous. To offset unnecessary cost, our client opted to leave the existing vinyl flooring in the kitchen because the underlayment went under the kitchen cabinets. this resulted in a transition from the kitchen to the dining room, but the color matched transitional moulding blended in perfectly. The new look provided a whole new feel to the home!

What floor covering works best for you? Do you desire tile, or would like to renovate your space with new LVT flooring? Go over your options with us, and let’s get started today!

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