Some projects that we complete for clients are a little outside of the box. Our client had a loved one with mobility issues. We were contacted to provide a quote for a handicap accessible ramp, but it was not your typical installation. A ramp to the front door had already been installed. However, certain levels of the home remained unable to be used due to elevation differences. While chair lifts provide a solution in these situations, they can be cost prohibitive.  Our client opted to have an interior accessibility ramp constructed to allow wheel chair access to the lower level of the home. After putting our minds and thoughts together with our client, we designed a structure that worked perfectly.

When you think of a typical ramp, you think rugged construction with a deck-like feel. Since our project was interior related, we chose to make the handrails look similar to what would be installed in your stairwell. The black metal balusters looked great! Our client loved the result, and was ecstatic to have her loved one able to move around the home freely.

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