Sun room

Sun rooms provide a perfect space to relax, drink your coffee and read the latest news. A sun room also provides a great entertaining space for card games or just leisurely lounging around after a long day. Our client already had a sun room, but it was extremely outdated. The room still contained the old school Jalousie windows and green carpet that was indicative of its age. Our client enjoyed the space, but wanted to make it accessible year round. We went to work on the drawings and the elements needed to turn this space into a sun room that could be enjoyed year round.

Out with the old:

The pictures above portray the condition of the old sunroom. While it still provided a place to congregate, it wasn’t extremely welcoming. After putting our heads together with the client to come up with the best solution for their needs, we went to work on their project.

What a dramatic difference! To keep with the theme of the neighborhood, we installed cedar lap siding and stained it to match the home. For a quaint, cozy feel, we installed a tongue and groove ceiling that added the perfect charming touch. New insulated windows were installed to keep the room climate controlled as well. The entire project was a blast to work on, and the clients were extremely easy to work with. We were excited to see their dream come to life right before their eyes!

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