Window installation

A window installation is typically a fairly straight forward project. While windows vary in size and style, the basics remain relatively the same. However, creating a whole new opening is a bit different.

Our client wanted a window above the tub in their master bathroom. Without one, the room always seemed to be dark, so the natural light provided by a window was a must! A non load-bearing wall, such as the one in this instance, affords a little easier installation, although it still requires a permit. We extracted the siding and install the needed framing for the project. To help prevent possible peeping toms, we install privacy film over the glass. Also, since this window was in the proximity of the tub, tempered glass was required for this installation.

A window installation doesn’t seem like a big deal, but what a difference this made for our client’s bathroom. We can help you with YOUR window project, or pretty much any other projects under your roof. We specialize in installing customer bathrooms and kitchens, and would love the opportunity to give you a hand. Have a project that you need a hand with? Need help sourcing and ordering your windows? Give us a call to go over your wish list today!

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