Basement Ceiling

basement ceiling

Basements are often an under-utilized room in the home. We see a wide array of basements ranging from dark and damp to finished and glam. A quick way to change the look of your basement is to finish your basement ceiling. Options vary from painted, drop ceiling, drywall and staple up ceilings.

Often, your decision is dictated to an extent based on the layout and the utilities involved. We install many drop ceilings in basements due to access being needed to junctions and shut off valves. More often than not, installing drywall poses major difficulties due to these utilities. While drop ceilings provide a viable option, cost always plays a roll. After you factor in framing soffits around ductwork and utilities, the price tag starts to rise. A strong option remains the simplest – paint! When you paint your ceiling flat black and install your lighting, the joists and utilities simply seem to fade away into the background.



Alas, if eliminating these obstructions from view remains your goal, a drop ceiling typically presents the best option.

Either option provides a finished look that updates your basement dramatically. Again, you must evaluate your circumstances prior to deciding which route is best for you. Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your basement project started today! We offer suggestions and input that may help with your final decision. We look forward to hearing from you!!




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