Driveway with a Drain

driveway with drain

Hey everybody! Welcome to the next project here at A+ Home Improvements!! When we pulled up to this property to take a look at the project, the issue quickly became very apparent. Our client’s driveway desperately needed some attention. Most of us have been there – a cracked out, bumpy driveway causing havoc on our vehicles as well as our ankles. Trying to navigate dips, holes and rolls in your driveway can be a real pain. This project presented another issue as well – there was an old drainage tile that needed to be cleared and reconnected to control water run off. After removing the old driveway and setting up our forms, we were ready to install our client’s new driveway with a drain. Here is a look at the old driveway:

Look familiar? Most of our neighborhoods contain a few driveways that look just like this. Keep in mind that for a project like this, you need to contact your local municipality to see what permits and licensing may be needed. A qualified contractor will be able to tackle this for you. During the design process, our client wanted to do something different with the old retaining wall. We opted to rip it out and integrate it with the new driveway. We installed new drainage tiles and stone on the left and right of the driveway and poured new retaining walls to keep the soil at bay. Proper drainage is key to a long-lasting retaining wall. Once completed, we cleaned up so our client could use their new driveway.

Take a look:


Big difference, right? Project turned out perfectly, and our client now has a driveway to enjoy for years to come. Is your driveway an eyesore? Do you need a driveway with a drain? Give A+ Home Improvements all call to replace yours today!


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