Flexstone Shower

flexstone shower

Our client had two reasons for renovating her bathrooms. The main bathroom need to be more accessible for her and her husband, so a walk in tub proved to be the best option. The master bathroom, however, needed to be not only safe and functional, but also needed to reflect her taste in decor. We worked together with her and our designer to pick out a beautiful Flexstone shower that fit the bill. She liked it so much that we actually incorporated it into the surround for the walk in tub as well! We started in the common bathroom, and the results were great. 

The flooring our client chose paired perfectly with the rest of the decor. To save on cost, she opted to reuse the vanity and just replaced the top and fixtures.

Then it was on to the master bath! Our client wanted to spend a little more in this room to make sure it turned out like the picture she had in her head. Having grab bars and a seat doesn’t mean that a shower has to look pedestrian. There are many different brands of showers on the market, and a Flexstone shower provides a great option.

Our client loved the end result, and she was a pleasure to work with. Ready for YOUR renovation? Give A+ Home Improvements a call to get your project started today!

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