Handicap accessible shower

handicap accessible shower

A+ Home Improvements is back at it again! We enjoy all of the projects that we have the privilege of completing for our clients. We also understand that every project we tackle improves our client’s quality of life in one form or another. However, some projects just seem to take on a bigger meaning when you realize the impact that it will have on someone’s life. Our client had a family member that struggled with mobility issues. Things that we often take for granted were a daily struggle for this individual. In an effort to truly improve their quality of life, our client desired to install a handicap accessible shower to make the bathroom much easier to navigate. Let’s take a look at what we started with:

Anyone can take a quick look and see that this space was not practical for an individual with mobility concerns. The tub needed to go, and a handicap accessible shower needed to be installed in its place. This project became a perfect example of how someone can make a bathroom accessible without sacrificing beauty. We worked diligently with our client to design a layout and select products to pull this project off. Our client chose a beautiful tile for their surround that allowed their personal taste to show through. We updated the vanities for a modern look, and installed water proof vinyl plank flooring to pull the entire bathroom look together. Let’s see how it turned out:

What a difference!!

Now the space made way more sense for its intended purpose. A separate hand held shower head was installed not only for bathing purposes, but also to allow efficient cleaning of the tiled shower enclosure. The shower fulfilled out client’s needs, and provided us with a sense of satisfaction knowing the difference it would make. We would love to be involved with your next home renovation – give us a call to start designing your project today!!!

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