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Unfortunately, years catch up with all of us. All people desire to age gracefully, but doing so typically involves some changes. In many circumstances, homes need retrofitted to fit a client’s needs. Entry doors need to be made accessible, whether by ramp or other means. This alone is just the first step. Once in the home, accommodations needs to be made for ease of access. Some things that we take for granted are actually hazards. Carpet for instance – it can be difficult to slide/maneuver on. Most people wouldn’t even consider that kind of inconvenience. Our client worked with the VA to obtain grants to help subsidize the cost of the renovations needed: flooring and an accessible shower.

The carpet spread across much of the first floor. We opted to replace the carpet with slip resistant vinyl plank flooring. Not only did it solve the issue, but it was beautiful! The VA has strict guidelines regarding materials, and this was able to work. Look at the difference below:



The new flooring color provided a warm atmosphere and a surface our client could traverse with ease. Now that the main living space was under control, we got to work transforming the bathroom.

The bathroom originally had a roman tub and small shower. We deleted the shower and modified the plumbing for a accessible wall mount sink for future wheel chair access. We replaced the roman tub with a barrier free shower with the needed amenities. The new space was exactly what our client needed, and it turned out beautifully!

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