Huge Custom Tiled Shower!

huge custom tiled shower

This week we have the privilege of sharing one of our latest bathroom projects! When we met with this client, they had an idea of what they wanted but didn’t know how to situate the space to meet their exact needs. The existing master bathroom consisted of a dated roman tub feature and a small shower area. Installing a huge custom tiled shower definitely topped their list of priorities! They no longer desired a tub, so we utilized this space to move the toilet out of the shower room. This allowed us to install the shower of their dreams while also providing a privacy wall area for their toilet. Take a look at the existing shower space:

When we saw this existing space, we instantly knew how to bring their dreams to reality. We gutted the room and turned the entire area into one large shower! Getting the rest of the bathroom prepared for the new toilet location was next. Here is what we were dealing with:

Let’s get started!

We deleted the tub and routed the plumbing for the toilet over to this location. We framed a couple of walls to create a private toilet space, but made sure to keep it lower than the ceiling to add some character. Here is the result:

Doesn’t even seem like the same room! The vanity stayed in the same location, but all of the fixtures were updated to follow the theme. We replaced the existing flooring with tile that paired beautifully:

We also updated the walk in closet to match the new flow of the room. Here are the before and after pictures:

What about the shower?!

Remember that cramped shower space space nestled next to the toilet? Take a look at the new, huge custom tiled shower!!

We absolutely loved putting this master bathroom project together. There are so many ways to create your dream space, and sometimes you just need an exceptional company to help piece it together. Give A+ Home Improvements a call to go over your dream check list, and we will help guide you on the right path. We look forward to working with you!!


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