Patterned Tile Floor

patterned tile floor

Hello everybody – A+ Home Improvements is back at work! This time around, we want to show you a cool patterned tile floor that we recently installed. We remodeled our client’s entire bathroom, but the flooring stood out at the end. When it came to the tub enclosure, they desired something simple and easy to clean. With this in mind, we opted for a bright white tub and matching stud mount surround. We installed a matching white vanity with a beautiful top that paired perfectly with the fixtures. A couple of sleek mirrors matched up with new light bars added to the new look of the bathroom. While all of these updates were great, the flooring became the focal point of this new space.

Looks great, right? While the floor itself appears a little busy, it works perfectly in this bathroom because the other changes were mild in nature. Many options for a patterned tile floor exist, allowing you to express your own personality. When putting a project like this together, get a few samples to make sure the finished result will meet your expectations. When it comes to an expensive bathroom renovation, regret simply sucks. Take your time during the product selection process to ensure perfection! Give A+ Home Improvements at call to go over your project and product selection options today!

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