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Remodeling projects can originate simply from a client’s desire to spruce things up or modernize a space. In other circumstances, a bathroom needs help! Our client faced a dilemma regarding their bathroom. It was in obvious need of repair, but not simple fix was going to do the trick. From the dated tub and fixtures to the built up floor and surprised around every corner, this bathroom need to start over from the ground up.

The floor had been built up numerous times, and the tile and fixtures were in disarray. Our client desired to completely overhaul the bathroom and bring it up to modern day standards. We started on the demolition, and more of the surprises started to show their heads.

We went to work rectifying the issues and framing in the new tub enclosure. It is amazing what you find sometimes when you open things up. Old doors that were deleted, hidden illegal junctions – we even found active radiant heat behind a tub once!

Once the structure was in place, the assembly of the bathroom began to take place. We worked with our client to select the proper fixtures and finishes to create the space they were looking for. Our client chose to install a shower pan as opposed to a tub to help with their ease of access. Also, our client definitely wanted a tiled shower surround, as well as modern fixtures to finish off their bathroom.

Talk about a major transformation!! Our client was thrilled with the results, and we were honored to be able to assist with the renovation project. Can you say that your bathroom needs help? Give us a call to get your project started today!


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